Identification of a c-DNA clone

Wed Aug 7 18:33:08 EST 1996

Hi Netters !

	I have picked up a 3kb c-DNA clone from a mouse library
and have sequenced it completely. I found that this is not the
clone I was looking for. This does not match up with any
sequence in the database also. However, I want to know the
protein it codes. On searching for coding regions in this
sequence in all six reading frames using GCG programme, I could
not find a frame which codes for more than 100 amino-acids.I
guess that a 3kb c-DNA should code for a protein of ~700
a.a.long or more. We are pretty sure of our sequence. However, I don't
know whether this cDNA is full length or not.
 Is there a way to know it and if it is not full length then how to complete it?
 Can somebody suggest me how I can I find out its protein
product. I am new to the field of molecular biology. Any
sugestion will be of great help.


	Rajesh Kumar, Ph.D.

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