5 min transformation E. coli

Sailesh Surapureddi Sailesh.Surapureddi at mcb.liu.se
Wed Aug 7 18:19:00 EST 1996

Jesus Christ!

        This is taking up all my time. See I made the cells by Rbcl and TSS
method. They just worked super fine.

See.. I could rescue yeast shuttle vectors with this.. Believe me its
better then electropaoration.  You dont get hundreds with this, you get
thousands of transformants.  Some time tommorow I would be posting all the
cell types I have worked with and the transformation efficienies I got.

these are well documented, pls refer NAR which was quoted earlier.


PS: The cell competency is very critical though! I agree with you. Try
Gibco BRL commercial cells (DH5a) initially with this and you would never
go back to your electroporation. Later on you can work with your own cells,
but its needs standardization timing.

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