Q: E.coli and Inositol Lipids?

Wolfgang Schechinger diabetes at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Aug 6 06:32:09 EST 1996

Hi. Thanks for your reply! Are you shure that they don`t have a
PI-PLC' Recently, I've heard a talk by L.O. Essen from the group that
has crystallized a PI-PLC (see Nature, a couple of month ago). He said
that colis do contain a "minimum PI-PLC" they eypress *extracellular*
for annoying their hosts. But they wouldn't need it by themselves for
signalling and so. So, I would expect that they don't have the
phosphoinositides required for PLC mediated receptor signalling. But
maybe some phosphatidyl inositols for GPI anchors?

Greetings, Wolfgang 

C.Pical at shef.ac.uk (C E Pical) wrote:

>I don't know if Ecoli does contain phosphoinositides, but I would be 
>surprised if they did not. However, I know that they do not contain a 
>phosphoinositide-specific PLC.

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