Cloning vector with kanamycin instead of ampicillin resistance

Harry Witchel Harry.Witchel at Bristol.Ac.Uk
Wed Aug 7 05:37:35 EST 1996

Yo dudes and dude-ettes of molecular surfing --
   I am looking for a general cloning vector (along the lines of pUC18
or pGEM3z) which has the gene for kanamycin resistance instead of
ampicillin resistance.  If anyone can send me an aliquot or give me 
the name of a supplier I would be stoked.  
   The reason I want it is that when I clone from
one plasmid to another, there is always some left over vector from the
first plasmid, and by having the second vector have a novel resistance
(eg kanamycin), there will be no carry over of uncut original plasmid,
nor will there be any original vector being recloned.
   Many thanks,
   Harry.Witchel at Bristol.AC.Uk
Harry Witchel
Dept. Physiology
Medical School
Bristol  BS8 1TD

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