Identification of a c-DNA clone

Sailesh Surapureddi Sailesh.Surapureddi at
Thu Aug 8 04:54:12 EST 1996

Hi Rajesh

        Most often when you pick interacting proteins in two hybrid system,
70% of them are incomplete cDNAs. What you are seeing is  a truncated cDNA
with a long 3' end tail,  Though you have mentioned about your sequence,
you didnt say if it had stop codons. I am sure they would be, since you say
it codes only for 100aa. so the rest of it is a tail.
        To pull put the complete DNA, you have to use the truncated cDNA as
probe and screen lamda library of your source. Then you would get your full
lenght cDNA. Making of cDNA probe is well documented in Maniatis.

Congrats if you have a new protein on hand (not documented in the database)

Good luck


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