OD at 320nm

Edouard Lauzier elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
Thu Aug 8 12:24:03 EST 1996

I read that at 320nm neither protein or nucleic acids absorb.  In my
spectrophotomer instruction book they're saying that substracting the OD
value at 320 from the other OD will then take account for the background .


It doesn't necessary mean that whatever absorb at 320 will absorb too at
260.  So by substracting the 320 value from the 260, am I not
underestimating my RNA levels in my sample ? ( that is in the case the
background is less at 260 or even nil because I have absolutly no proof
that it absorb the same at 320 and 260 ! )...

and if it's not proteins or nucleic acids, then what can it be that absorb
at 320 ???

Thank you...
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