cDNA visualization on agarose, HELP!!!

Gerardo Medrano gerardo at N-JCENTER.COM
Fri Aug 9 14:32:08 EST 1996

Could someone, please help with this puzzle?

I am doing RT-PCR with an arbovirus. As a routine, I check my positive 
control and positive samples by spotting 1 microL on nylon membranes and 
hybridize with oligonucleotide probe and detect them with a colorimetric 
method without a problem. However, when I run aliquot of the samples on 
agarose (3%), TAE, and EtBr stain, I don't see any bands!, except for 
the molecular marker (0.1- 10 Kb). I should have amplified enough cDNA 
to visualize it in the gel.

Any suggestion? I will appreciate it.

Gerardo Medrano

Palm Coast, Florida

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