vaccination with HIS tag protein

Stephen J Billington sbilling at U.Arizona.EDU
Sun Aug 11 10:13:01 EST 1996

Hi Netters

I have just managed to purify my HIS tagged portein from a Clontech Talon
column and I want to use it to vaccinate a goat. My question is do I need
to remove the imidazole prior to vaccination. I worked out that I would be
injecting 17mg of imidazole at two sites. Now the LD50 of imidazole in
mice is 610mg/kg, so I'm unlikely to kill the goat. Does anyone know about
nasty reactions at the site of vaccination with imidazole.

I ask this question, not because I'm lazy, but because I have had trouble
dialysing my protein without significant loss of the protein. Presumably
it is sticking to the dialysis membrane in some way. The protein is fairly
basic with a pI around 10, does anyone know if there is a way to treat the
dialysis membrane so that my protein wont bind.



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