who makes 'OLIGO' software? - forget them! go with DNASTAR!

zinc zinc at zifi.genetics.utah.edu
Sun Aug 11 02:06:42 EST 1996

Sailesh.Surapureddi at mcb.liu.se (Sailesh Surapureddi) writes:

> >What company makes the primer-design software called 'OLIGO'?
> National Biosceinece Inc.

for what it's worth this company is a complete waste of time.  if you
buy their product (we did - big mistake) you will only get a license
for three computers.  this is in the form of a code that you enter
after sending them a registration number for that exact computer.  the
program cannot be transfered to another computer.  

in my opinion the company has saddled the end user with a problem they
could easily have resolved by using code similar to that used by Adobe
Photoshop, which detects when another copy of it is running on the

their tech support, unlike DNASTAR, has not been too helpful.

if i had it to do over again (we already bought the thing) we would go
with DNASTAR primerselect.

btw, i have nothing to do with DNASTAR except that i am a very
satisfied customer.  they have even e-mailed me new versions of their
programs to fix small bugs.

-patrick finerty
biochem grad student, u of utah

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