RAPD Trouble!!!

Eitan Rubin bcrubin at dapsas1.weizmann.ac.il
Sun Aug 11 02:38:41 EST 1996

> Roland Koelliker wrote:
> stop to work. I tried everything (new polymerase, new buffer, mgcl, dntp,
> and so on) but still I do not get the same nice results as before. Since it

You say "I tried everything", but I don't see ordering new primers in there. Primers that 
were thawed too many times, or even kept in -20 too long (so rumors say) are degrading, 
which with RAPD would mean stop working. I have personal epxeriance with 20bp primers 
going unspecific on me, and heard of someone who ran a sample of the primers on a 
sequencing gel and got a nice ladder, which wasn't there with the new primers.
  Eitan Rubin.

> Thank your help
> Roland
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