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Sun Aug 11 14:14:59 EST 1996

In article <960809144913.22204c39 at>, KHUANG at CHEMVX.TAMU.EDU 
> Hi, Netters 
> I am trying to construct a www page for our lab, would you like tell 
> me some guide reference or your tip? 
> Thanks 

We've set up a mini-directory of lab web pages (which is at a very early stage 
- any additions welcome) at

While this directory of sites doesn't have many direct pointers to things such 
as "How to set up a web page" a number of the entries point to people willing 
to offer free advice.  The things to consider are:

1.  Server type (unix, Mac or PC)

2.  Type of internet connection (really has to be a direct line via ethernet 
and T1)

3.  Software available to you (depends on 1)

4.  Whether you will host the site or simply FTP the html documents to a 
server administrator

5.  How much you are willing to learn. Learning basic html mark-up is easy but 
the area is fast-moving.

Hope this starts you in the right direction. For specific information on html, 
do an Alta Vista <> search on keywords like 
"html programming" and "http servers".  You won't know where to stop!

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