renaturating protein

Jin-seon Im jim at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Mon Aug 12 15:54:25 EST 1996

Dear luz..

i've been experssed protein in Pet vector / BL21DE3 system
it was pretty good
( i got more than 1g at 50 ml culture )
i tried to refold it but only got 200 ug/ml concentration..
( most of the protein was precipitated down...unfortunately )
( my protein was scFv the recombinant protein )

my other lab mate tried to refold it with Arginin 
( i'm not sure that was compositionof refolding buffer )
he seemed to get much more refolded protein without precipitation
but i'm not sure it's properly refolded or not..

try to find to use L- arginine at the dialysis buffer

Good luck


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