Discrepancy between OD-value on spec and DNA on agarose gel

Mon Aug 12 15:41:05 EST 1996

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Botma Visser wrote:

> Hi
> I have a problem in determining the concentration of plasmid 
> DNA on a spectrophotometer.  I extracted plasmied DNA using 
> the Qiagen midiprep columns.  When I determined the 
> concentration of the plasmid DNA at 260 nm, I got a very 
> high reading, with the concentration going up to 1.1 mg/mL 
> from a 100 mL prep.  I then ran 500 ng plasmid DNA 
> (calculated using the determined concentration) on an 
> agarose gel, and saw nothing.  The prep contained no RNA.  
> Have you encountered similar problems, and if yes, what can 
> I do about it?  It is critical for me to have accurate 
> concentrations.
> Thank you.
> Botma Visser
> pbv at rs.uovs.ac.za
	You can not determine NA concentrations by looking at the 260nm
reading only, since the nucleotides have absorption maxima at 260nm. A
solution containing very small oligo-ntds will also absorb strongly at
260nm, leading one to believe that it has high DNA/RNA conc.

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