PCR variability with DNA extraction method

Frederick Garbrecht fgarbrec at lac.jci.tju.edu
Mon Aug 12 08:45:55 EST 1996

Dr Claudia Macaubas wrote:

> Hi:
> I had a similar problem when I was doing microsatellite typing. Samples
> extracted with kits did not work so well as samples extracted with phenol.
> Even when I tested samples sent to me, some extracted with a different kit
> then mine, and some with phenol, the results were the same.
> --
> Claudia
> TVW Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
> (Company Limited by Guarantee)
> Western Australia
> Fax 61 9 388 3414

We have also had problems doing human microsatellite typing when
preparing the DNA using the QIAGEN blood kit.  Sometimes works,
sometimes doesn't.  After talking to QIAGEN, and trying many variations
(at their suggestion), we still have problems with reproducibly
preparing DNA that will amplify.  We basically solved the problem by
simply doing an ethanol precipitation of the QIAGEN prepared material. 
Adds an hour to the procedure, but the DNA always amplifies now.


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