Indicators for electroporation eficiency

Levan Darjania darjania at CRIBA.EDU.AR
Tue Aug 13 15:13:12 EST 1996

Deat group members

I am going to electroporate guard cell protoplsats, isolated from Vicia 
faba, to load cAMP and ATP, which are not memebrane permeable. The use of 
 cAMP/AM is not too desirable because of AM toxic group.

To adjust electroporation protocol I need some colorful, non-permeable 
indicator with MW more or less similar to cAMP or ATP. 

Regarding to this, could anyone gave me some information about such 
indicators? Evans blue ... is not suitable in this case.

Thanks for your assistance.

Levan Darjania

e-mail: darjania at

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