Somatic cell hybridization

Ian A. York york at
Tue Aug 13 10:25:51 EST 1996

We have a mutant cell line, and want to fuse it to a series of normal 
lines to check for restoration of the normal phenotype.  I'm looking for 
a protocol for somatic cell fusions.

Our mutant cells are monkey; we plan to fuse it to human lines, mostly, 
but also might like to test a couple of mouse and other monkey lines as 
well.  The more broadly applicable the protocol, the happier we'll be, 
but any protocol will be better than what we have now.

Our mutant cells already have a resistance marker (G418) and we are 
willing to make the various normal lines with resistance markers too.  
Either transient fusions or stable fusions are fine for our purposes.

Please e-mail me, and I'll collate and post to the group if there's 
enough interest.  Any suggestions welcome.  Thanks.


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