Stephen J Billington sbilling at U.Arizona.EDU
Tue Aug 13 23:18:10 EST 1996

Hi Mol. Biol. Netters

I am looking to create genomic libraries from 2 or 3 microorganisms. I
have in the past used lambda derivatives with great success, but my new
boss is dead keen to use cosmids. His main point is that we can use the
cosmid directly to complement E. coli mutants. Anyway, not wanting to
argue with the boss, does anyone out there have any favorite cosmids? My
major problem with thenm is the hassle with subcloning from such large
inserts and my few encounters with them in the past have been riddled with
instability problems. If anyone can help me with this I'd be appreciative,
the boss wants to use pLFA, but surely there is something a bit more up to
date and easier to use than that.

Catch yu


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