Wedge Sequencing gels

Dr. Duncan Clark duncan at
Tue Aug 13 15:29:29 EST 1996

Hi Folks,

We are using a Stratagene Base Ac jnr sequencing set up with 41 x22cm
plates. If we want to make wedge shaped gels any guide on both waht
thickness of spacer (two or three thicknesses?) we should use at the
bottom and when ie how far up the gel do you jump to the normal spacer.
We are currently using 0.4mm spacers but can go down to 0.2mm. On this
length of gel are wedge gels of use anyway? 

Anyone have a cure for the mild smile at the edges of this system. It
already has a back heat sink plate so it is maybe the design or width of
electrode itself.

Many thanks

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Duncan Clark
GeneSys Ltd.

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