Sliver staining DNA

D. KIM dkim at
Sat Aug 10 11:10:59 EST 1996

In article <320A0B81.30D0 at> judall at writes:
>I want to detect relatively small length polymorphisms amplified by
>microsatellite specific primers.  EtBr leaves too much back ground and
>isn't sensitive enough, radioisotopes are good but I want to try some
>Does anyone have on file a protocol for sliver stain nucleic acids in
>polyacrylamide gels?  Possibly a few references would be nice.  I've
>seen a few 'staining kits' but they don't let on how its really done.
>Josh Udall
>University of Idaho


Check out Bassam and Caetno-Annoles paper in ANalytical Biochemistry 
(late 1980's, I think).  They have a DNA silver stain method that is now 
used by Promega in their Silver Sequence kit.
If you cannot do a search, you could ask Promega:  They cite this paper 
in their advertising/promotional stuff on the Silver Sequence.

Daniel Kim

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