Microcentrifuge preferences???

Eric Roush edroush at acpub.duke.edu
Wed Aug 14 14:01:01 EST 1996

Our lab is currently considering the purchase of additional
1.4 ml-tube centrifuges.  We'd like to get something that
is reliable, affordable, easy-to-clean, and reasonably quiet.
However, in my years of laboratory experience, I haven't found such
a beast.  Eppendorf and Beckman microfuges are, in my experience,
reliable, but loud and expensive.  The DuPont-Sorvall
microfuge (which we currently use) has, in our hands, 
a reoccuring problem with jamming of the latch lid.

If you have a microfuge that you'd recommend, could you drop
me a line (or post here if you don't mind advertising it.)?

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