PCR Not Allowed

WSchick at aol.com WSchick at aol.com
Wed Aug 14 21:17:30 EST 1996

What should we call it?

PCR is a trademark for the patented PCR process using TAQ.

So what do you call amplification by Pfu  or Vent or Brk or?

These enzymes do not violate the PCR Taq patent, so we legally can't call the
reactions PCR.  Or big brother PE will be unhappy and send us a letter to
cease and desist as using PCR in a paper would reduce their trademark to
common usage, and they can't allow that, can they?

So--a challenge.

What do we call a non-Taq amplification in our papers?   DAC?  PAR?  CED?

Of course, we can always throw a PCR reference in our introduction, so the
search engines will pick up PCR as a keywor?

Walt Schick

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