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*******New at Experimental Medicine Job Listings*****

Job submission form!

We have set up a form for submission of your job listings.  Using any 
forms capable browser you can submit your listing without the need of an 
e-mail account!

Current listing of jobs to date at EXPMED JOB LISTINGS....

   1.Environment Professionals, OFFICE OF THE AUDITOR GENERAL
     Deadline August 14/96

   2.Population Management Biologist (Edmonton, Alberta) 
     Deadline August 2/96

   3.Mycologist (Victoria, B.C.)
     Deadline August 12/96

   4.Atmospheric Aerosol Chemist, to study climate at Environment Canada
     Deadline August 8/96

   5.Research Biologist, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (Nanaimo, B.C.)
     Deadline July 30/96

   6.Insect Pathologist (Forestry) (Victoria, B.C.)
     Deadline August 1st/96

Montreal Area

   1.McGill General
          Jobs in Biomedical Engineering 

          2 Positions available in the laboratory of Dr. B. 
          Posted June 25th/96 

          1 to 2 Masters positions and 1 Post-Doc Clinical Trial 
Research Group
          Bioethics Research Unit (Law, Epidemiology, Experimental 
Medicine or Faculty of Medicine) 

          Molecular Genetics; Differentiation and Development; Oncology; 
Immunology; and Gene Therapy 
          (post doctoral positions available)
          Posted July 3rd/96 

          1 Position available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Guy 

   3.Lady Davis Institute
          1 Position (Ph.D.) in the laboratory of Dr. Prem Ponka 
          Posted April 9/96 

   4.Royal Victoria Hospital
          1 Position (Ph.D.) in the laboratory of Dr. Geoffrey Hendy
          Posted March 20/96 

          1 Position (Ph.D.) in the laboratory of Dr. David Goltzman 
          Posted May 21/96 

   5.Montreal General Hospital 
          1 Position (Post-Doc) in the laboratory of Dr. Guy A. Rouleau 
          Posted May 4/96 


   1.Positions at Waterloo University in Biology

   2.2 tenure track Positions University of Toronto Depts. of 
Biochemistry & Medical Genetics and Microbiology 
     DEADLINE Sept. 1/96

   3.3 tenure track Positions University of Toronto Dept. of Medical 
Genetics and Microbiology 
     DEADLINE August 15/96 

   4.Samuel Lunenfeld Post-Doctoral Fellowship 
     Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital 
     Posted April 26th/96 


   1.Positions at the University of Manitoba in Medical Microbiology


   1.Positions at the University of Alberta 
          Positions in Biological Sciences 

   2.Several Positions at IntelliGene Expressions, Inc. (Edmonton 
     Posted July 3rd/96

British Columbia

   1.2 positions: Assistant Professor and Associate/full Professor at 
     the Biomedical Research Center in Vancouver (UBC)
     Deadline:August 31, 1996 

   2.1 position Catalyx Group Biopharmaceuticals 
     Posted June 16th/96 

   3.1 position University of BC Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology 
Research Associate 
     Posted July 3rd/96 

   4.1 position University of BC Microbiology one year research position 
     Posted July 3rd/96 

Outside of Canada

1. United States

   1.Opportunities at the National Institutes for Health, Bethesda 
     +140 postings for postdoctoral positions online, more than 30 
clinical training programs and
     all listings support immediate online application.

   2.1 Position: in the laboratory of Dr. Moshe Sadofsky at MCG-IMMAG 
(Augusta, GA) 
     Available Immediately

   3.Positions at Clontech

   4.1 Position as Chair of Dept.'s of Biochemistry and Microbiology
     University of North Texas 
     Posted April 4th/96

   5.1 Position Director of Biotechnology Facility 
     Indiana University (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) 
     Posted May 22nd/96 

   6.1 Position Professor and Chair 
     Medical College of Ohio (Toledo, Ohio) 
     Posted May 22nd/96 

2. Europe

     Great Britain 

   1.Positions at Cambridge University
          Dept. of Biochemistry 
          Dept. of Pathology

   2.Positions at the Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences at the 
University of Glasgow, Scotland
     Look under "posts available". 

   3.Positions at Imperial College in the Dept. of Biochemistry 

   4.Vacancies at the Institute of Cancer Research London 

   5.Wellcome Foundation Telnet server offering Post-Doctoral and other 
     Log-on with the password "wisdom"

3. Australia

   1.Positions at the University of Queensland

   2.Queensland Pharmaceutical Research Institute

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