DCOOD anhydrous: IS IT A DREAM?

piero pollesello pollese at poly01.tbs.trieste.it
Thu Aug 15 06:09:54 EST 1996

Dear collegues!
To make a long story short, I can solve a 20 a.a. very lipophylic 
peptide only in 1:1 CHCl3:formic acid.
If the formic acid is not of hyghest purity (means if it contains 5% 
water e.g.) the mixture of solvents will split in two phases and the 
peptide will precipitate.
I will run NMR spectra and I have CDCl3 and DCCOD (with 5% D2O !!!).
How to take away the water from the DCOOD?). Molecular sieves give out 
cations: not good! Anhydrous CaSO4 cannot take out water from DCOOD:D2O, 
but maybe from the mixture CDCL3:DCCOD:D2O. I suspect that also part of 
the DCOOD will enter CaSO4.
Some ideas?
Thanks for comments

Piero Pollesello

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