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>I'm doing the  "Standard method for purification of bacteriophage 
>lambda" (Sambrook et al. pp 2.73-2.76) and at the end of step 11, the 
>CsCl step gradient, I'm getting a blue band _above_ a white band, the 
>opposite of what the protocol says should result.  Also, the bands seem 
>too far up in the tube.  Does anybody know what is happening?  Perhaps 
>more importantly, does anybody recommend a better (more recent?) 
>protocol?  This one seems long and ripe for catastrophic errors on my 

The standard method for isolation of phage DNA is laborious and
time-consuming. I had used Lambda Kit (QIAGEN Inc,) and confirmed it
works very well. Using this kit, you can omitt the step of CsCl-gradient
ultra-centrifugation and obtain good quality and quantity ofphage DNA.
I hope my suggestion is useful for you!

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