Bind-Silane and sequencing

Thu Aug 15 18:24:56 EST 1996

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, Frank Murphy wrote:

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> > I agree with the Sigmacote.  Stuff worked like a charm and lasted a long
> > time.
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> > Lou Passador 
> > Univ. of Rochester
> Seriously.  I don't quite understand the idea of making the gel stick to
> one plate anyway.   It always seems to go to one plate or the other when
> both plates are silanized
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One can dry the gel 'on the plate' and expose a film sandwiched between 
this and another un-used plate. In that case the bind silane is a 
nessecity. The monster of the old Pharmacia rig, because of its enormity, 
calls for this alternative approach.  To make sure that the gel sticks to 
the free glass plate, and not to the one bonded to the water circulation 
chamber, the latter is also treated with 'repel silane' (or Sigmacote). 
Thank heavens, we have retired this rig. 
	However, in using a system like that of Bio-Rad, it is necessary 
to silanize only one plate to ensure that the gel sticks to the other 
(viz. the free one) if one wants to fix the gel.
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