Microcentrifuge preferences???

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at le.ac.uk
Fri Aug 16 07:06:23 EST 1996

bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (Bernard Murray) wrote:
>I'll second that.  I inherited a Heraeus Biofuge 13 and like it very

In the lab were I used to work we had a Biofuge, wich broke down after 
about a year or so, needing a new motor. Heraeus sent us the motor, but 
refused to send schematics for our workshop to fix it. They wanted to do 
the repair job themselfs, needless to say for quite a bit of money. Only 
after a lot of arm twisting (all departments ordered via a central 
computerized service, blacklisting Heraeus in that computer would have 
lost them a fortune) were they willing to mend their ways.

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