who makes 'OLIGO' software? - forget them! go with DNASTAR!

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> Subject: Re: who makes 'OLIGO' software? - forget them! go with DNASTAR!
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> Sailesh.Surapureddi at mcb.liu.se (Sailesh Surapureddi) writes:
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> > >What company makes the primer-design software called 'OLIGO'?
> > 
> > National Biosceinece Inc.
> for what it's worth this company is a complete waste of time.  if you
> buy their product (we did - big mistake) you will only get a license
> for three computers.  this is in the form of a code that you enter
> after sending them a registration number for that exact computer.  the
> program cannot be transfered to another computer.  
> in my opinion the company has saddled the end user with a problem they
> could easily have resolved by using code similar to that used by Adobe
> Photoshop, which detects when another copy of it is running on the
> network.  
> their tech support, unlike DNASTAR, has not been too helpful.
> if i had it to do over again (we already bought the thing) we would go
> with DNASTAR primerselect.
> btw, i have nothing to do with DNASTAR except that i am a very
> satisfied customer.  they have even e-mailed me new versions of their
> programs to fix small bugs.
> -patrick finerty
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	Where can I locate a copy of DNASTAR? Is it available online?

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