Bind-Silane and sequencing

Jim Hutchins hutchins at
Fri Aug 16 09:04:16 EST 1996

Frank Murphy (f-murphy at wrote:
: Seriously.  I don't quite understand the idea of making the gel stick to
: one plate anyway.   It always seems to go to one plate or the other when
: both plates are silanized

That's because you don't know of the Bio-Rad sequencing apparatus, which
is awfully nice but uses a 'regular' glass plate for one side and
something called an Integral Plate-Chamber for the other side.  If your 
gel sticks to the glass plate, fine.  If it sticks to the IPC, you're
screwed: the IPC cannot be put into gel fix and even if you could, it
would take gallons of the stuff.

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