Cloning vector with kanamycin instead of ampicillin resistance

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Fri Aug 16 19:41:17 EST 1996

Harry Witchel <Harry.Witchel at Bristol.Ac.Uk> wrote:

>Yo dudes and dude-ettes of molecular surfing --
>   I am looking for a general cloning vector (along the lines of pUC18
>or pGEM3z) which has the gene for kanamycin resistance instead of
>ampicillin resistance.  If anyone can send me an aliquot or give me 
>the name of a supplier I would be stoked.  
>   The reason I want it is that when I clone from
>one plasmid to another, there is always some left over vector from the
>first plasmid, and by having the second vector have a novel resistance
>(eg kanamycin), there will be no carry over of uncut original plasmid,
>nor will there be any original vector being recloned.
>   Many thanks,
>   Harry.Witchel at Bristol.AC.Uk
>Harry Witchel
>Dept. Physiology
>Medical School
>Bristol  BS8 1TD

You might try the pBGS series of vectors from Brian Spratt and his
group.  They're available from ATCC and are a series of phagemids with
various polylinkers and different orientations of the f1 origin.  I,
too, like to reduce my background in subcloning by flip-flopping
between resistance markers.

Bruce Amsden

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