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Fri Aug 16 20:47:14 EST 1996

Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know of an easy method of extracting a large amount of DNA
(quality not too important) for a demonstration for kids?  I remember
(long ago; sigh) a film demonstration where someone had a beakerful of
some sort of extract or DNA solution that they overlayered with
ethanol and then used a glass rod to spool out the DNA.  This would
require a lot more DNA than the amounts I'm used to but it should also
be cheap and not use expensive equipment.  Phenol to be avoided.

Also; how about extracting DNA from tomato hornworms ('tis the
season)?  I've never made insect DNA; I was thinking of freezing them,
grinding them up (somehow) and trying a protease K/SDS extraction.  Is
there a better way?  Is there too little DNA in a hornworm for me to

You can email me at bamsden at

Thanks in advance,
Bruce Amsden

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