S-35 DNA and differential display

Gene Huh gshuh at garnet.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 16 21:36:48 EST 1996

Hello Fellow netters,

   I was wondering about a couple of things regarding
phosphorothioate-substituted DNA.  Firstly, if the phosphorothioate is
S-35 labeled (as is often the case DNA sequencing), what is the decay
product and how does it affect the integrity of the DNA strand?

   Secondly, I was wondering about the chemical behaviour of
phosphorothioate-substituted DNA.  As I understand it, DTT is often
included while storing thio-substituted nucleic acids.  In the absence of
such a reducing agent, what happens to the DNA?  Does it degrade?

   I ask these questions primarily because I have been carrying out mRNA
differential display, using S-35 dATP, and am wondering about the
stability of the gel slices I cut out, either as they exist in the dried
gel or as an eluate.

Thanks in advance
Dr. Gene Huh
MCB, UCBerkeley
gshuh at garnet.berkeley.edu

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