DNA gel extraction

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>ehwang at ucdavis.edu wrote:

>> I frequently use a gel extraction method where I poke a hole at the
>> bottom of a .5 ml tume and plug some whatman with T.E. to spin a gel
>> through to extract DNA.  Does anyone know where this technique came
>> from?  Original publication would be nice.
>> Thanks in advance.
>Is this any different or better than using glass wool to plug the eppendorf 


>Bill Bennett
>W.R.BENNETT at bath.ac.uk

I tried both. In my hand, 3M filter paper is easier and faster. Both are good 
convinient methods, though.
Any one can try both side by side since it takes only a few minutes. Then, 
decide which one is better or easier.
I think it's the milage on individual in my opinion.

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