Has anyone separated proteins using agarose.

Jim Hutchins hutchins at netdoor.com
Sat Aug 17 13:58:06 EST 1996

John Hind (Hind at umbi.umd.edu) wrote:
: Has anyone any experience with this. One of my colleagues has a couple of
: student interns trying to get a protocol to work for use in a high school
: lab. They're not having much luck visualizing proteins stained with
: Coomassie blue that were extracted from crab and fish. Prestained
: standards show up fine though.
: If you've actually used an agarose gel and got it to work we would
: appreciate hearing from you.

I've not yet tried it, but my colleague Steve Case has recently published
a paper:

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of High Molecular Mass Protein Complexes,
BioTechniques 18(2):324-327, 1995.

If you don't get the journal or have not saved it, send me your SnailMail
address by private e-mail and I will have Steve send you a copy.

Jim Hutchins    hutchins at netdoor.com   hutchins at umsmed.edu

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