who makes 'OLIGO' software? - forget them! go with DNASTAR!

Rubin Eitan bcrubin at dapsas1.weizmann.ac.il
Sun Aug 18 09:31:24 EST 1996

I don't know DNASTAR, but there are other considerations except the support and installation flexibility. If you look at the literature, Rychilk (who is signed for OLIGO) is perhaps the the leading scientist in the field of PCR primer design, and one of a few that ever aproached primer design methodologically. When designing primers, having his name next to the program name is a big plus that should be considered.
My point is, you should recommend another program even if you know it is much more user friendly, only if you know it does the job just as well. This may be true for DNASTAR - I would love to hear about it's performances. I am using OLIGO4 (that's what I had site licened until recently), and is pretty happy about it's results.
  If I understand correctly, the network version of oligo5 can run on as many computers as you like, as long as not more than X (depending of the license you bouht) are runing simultanously.
  I have nothing to do with OLIGO, except the deepest admiration the Rychlik for his great work.


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