Help - problem with bFGF PCR!

Rebecca rabc031 at
Mon Aug 19 05:06:34 EST 1996

PLease, can anyone advise me!

I've been having problems with my bFGF PCR - I have the primers (which 
have been tried out previously on specific cells) but fail to be able to 
be able to detect any PCR bands on my gel. 

I know that FGF production is variable depending on the confluency of 
the cells when the RNA was extracted but this doesnt help me.

I need a positive control to rst that my primers work in the first place 
- however, I cant find any bFGF cDNA available anywhere.  DOes anyone 
know where I can hold of some, or advise me how else to test my primers 
- ie are any other cells well known to produce oodles of FGF.

Any advice very greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Rebecca

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