Permenant mounting of AP-NBT/BCIP slides

Paul C. Grimm MD grimm at cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Aug 19 08:35:48 EST 1996

Wes Garrett wrote:
> When using non-radioactive ISH with alkaline phosphatase and NBT/BCIP
> chromogen, how do you permenantly mount the slides.  This chromogen is
> soluable in solvents, and I have had no luck with either alcohol
> dehydration, or clearing in xylene.  I have been told that this works,
> but I either lose signal, or develop crystals where the precipitate
> forms.
Try glycerol gel.
100ml of 0.2M phosphate buffer  pH 7
Na Azide	200mg
Gelatin	15g  stir til dissolved
Glycerol	100ml
we keep it in 37°, add a drop to the slide and coverslip. The slides 
(after the stuff hardens) last for years with no fading of the 
NBT-BCIP precipitate

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