Jennifer L Causey cause001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Mon Aug 19 19:54:25 EST 1996

I have been having trouble with the T7 18s transcribed probes from Ambion 
on RPAs.  I can not seem to: 

(a)   get the correct specific activity so it will show up but not so much 
so it wont overexpose.

(b)   transcribe enough probe to saturate the RNA sample (it does not 

p.s.  my other probes are really low expressed so I have to expose for 3 
to 7 days to see them and I want to do densitometry on them and 18s at 

any suggestions for the amount of hot/cold labeled nucleotides to add?

any experience with this peticular template would be helpful.

also anything to do with porcine control probes that have worked for you. 
please respond.

                               - L.

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