AmpliTaq Gold vs AmpliTaq: where is the magic ?

Dr G R Taylor ai80 at
Tue Aug 20 12:16:17 EST 1996

We noticed that Amplitaq Gold doesn't work in ammonium buffers like 
Boehringer's or some of the multiplex buffers.  So there's a feature not 
explained by company-line "just-so" stories.  I suppose that the 
modification is not destabilised in the presence of ammonium buffers and 
hence the enzyme doesn't activate. I think the policy of some companies 
to offer cling-wrapped kits to the science community without clear 
explanations of what they contain (doubtless patented anyway) is very 
damaging to the culture of scientific education and openess. It breeds 
kit-generation scientists who never really understand what they are 
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