who makes 'OLIGO' software? - forget them! go with DNASTAR!

Andy Law Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Aug 20 04:05:08 EST 1996

In article <59B450B17BE at lhmc-fs.mds.qmw.ac.uk>, s.a.bustin at mds.qmw.ac.uk wrote:

 >  We have tried DNAStar for Windows and have been rather frustrated by its 
 >  functionality and adherence to Apple Mac conventions.

That's funny, I find I'm rather frustrated by its LACK of adherence to
Apple Mac conventions :o)

Quite frankly, it is my contention that the field of primer design has
become grossly overcomplicated. Having looked at a version of OLIGO some
time ago, and just recently at the DNASTAR PrimerSelect program, I found
myself wondering where the pop-up menu was that recorded investigator's
eye colour and soft drink preference, since every other concievable
parameter could be entered and considered.

Myself, I find that the WhiteHead Institute's Primer program (version 0.5)
running under UNIX or on a VAX does an excellent job for what I need
(designing primers for microsatellite sequences). It will generate
separate primer pairs that produce products of different specified size
ranges and I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to design primers to
try this FREE program before shelling out money for programs with so many
bells and whistles that it takes 2 days to work out how to get sequences
in and out. If you find after trying it that you need more functionality,
then try the commercial alternatives afterwards.

Just my opinion, you understand... :o)

Andy Law
( Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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