anti-heparin and EDTA PCR tricks

Dan Andrews Dan.Andrews at
Tue Aug 20 02:11:22 EST 1996

Hi to all in ether-land,

	I have a couple of DNA samples that I have extracted from either EDTA- 
or heparinized blood samples and unsuprisingly they are just about 
impossible to amplify using PCR.  I have tried using microcons and 
ethanol precipitating the DNA to remove the heparin and EDTA, but to no 
avail (I can amplify it just, but not always).  I have heard that you 
can add heparinase to a DNA solution to remove heparin, and you can heat 
treat a DNA solution to remove EDTA.  Has anybody tried these tricks?  
Do they really work?

Thanks, Dan

Dan Andrews
John Curtin School of Medical Research

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