Antibodies to 6-His Tag

Pat Thoyts thoyts at
Tue Aug 20 15:54:19 EST 1996

Joseph Roland wrote:
> Hello,
>         My question is does anybody know of a good antibody against the 6-His
> tag, the
> cheaper the better because I don't need that much. Please e-mail me if
> you know
> of anything.  Thanks.
> Most of the antibodies actually recognise a specific sequence environment 
for the 6 his tag. The only one that I'm aware of that doesn't have this 
limitation is the Ni-NTA conjugate which Quiagen is supplying at the 
moment ( it's cat #34510 ). This is the nickel chelating group NTA ( 
modified a little) linked to alkaline phosphatase. It works quite well, 
although you must use BSA to block the blot ( the conjugate binds to a 
component of milk) and it needs a good hour to bind properly.  Otherwise 
it's very easy to use and doesn't require a specific sequence around the 
His tag.

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