Eukaryotic protein expression

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you might consider the Pichia pastoris system from Invitrogen.  they claim
that it gives high yields (YMMV).  they have a discussion group that you
can hit from their web site ( that may be of some
help.  I haven't used the system so I can't give a thorough discussion of
the system.  Baculo would only be a bit more to maintain since you would
be using mammalian-style tissue culture plastics.  the media doesn't
require sera, if I remember correctly.

Lyle Najita
Plant Pathology
University of California - Davis

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> I would like to overexpress a eukaryotic protein that gets rapidly 
> degraded when it's induced in E. coli.  It can be overexpressed in a 
> bacculovirus system, but I have heard that insect cells are expensive 
> to maintain.  Is there any other overexpression system besides 
> bacculovirus that I could try?  (yeast?)
> I'd appreciate any suggestions.
> Katie Walstrom
> walstrom at

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