Eukaryotic protein expression

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Wed Aug 21 12:00:26 EST 1996

>I would like to overexpress a eukaryotic protein that gets rapidly 
>degraded when it's induced in E. coli.  It can be overexpressed in a 
>bacculovirus system, but I have heard that insect cells are expensive 
>to maintain.  Is there any other overexpression system besides 
>bacculovirus that I could try?  (yeast?)
>I'd appreciate any suggestions.
>Katie Walstrom
>walstrom at

you could try other viral expression systems, such as vaccinia or Sindbis, in
mammalian cells. These can rival baculo for expression level, but will be just
as expensive to maintain. It really depends on your intended use, really. If you
want to make one big bucket of protein vs. several buckets over time vs. maybe
a good thimble-full, the necessity of correct processing/folding, and ease of
purification are all important criteria for your consideration. so, think about
them and re-ask the question. best of luck,

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