removing fungal contamination from cell cultures

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Wed Aug 21 06:09:59 EST 1996

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>Hi all,
> I stumbled across a reference for this problem.  It is:  Kruk, P.A. and
> Auersperg, N. Percoll Centrifugation Eliminates Mold Contaminants from Cell
> Cultures.  In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. 27A p 273 (1991).  Good luck!
>Michelle Gleeson
>Molecular Parasitology Unit
>University of Technology, Sydney AUSTRALIA
>michelle.gleeson at
Saproxin is an antifungal agent that inhibits saprophytic fungal
contamination of cell cultures.  It is available from Randolph
Biomedical  - rand777 at - A sample sufficient to "protect" 10
liters of media is available by sending your request by e-mail or USPS
to the address below on institutional letterhead.  Samples sent only
to established academic and medical institutions. 
Robert Randolph
Randolph Biomedical
rrandy at

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