Tricks for pipetting detergents??

Stephen P. Driska PhD driska at
Wed Aug 21 13:07:11 EST 1996

: On 13 Aug 1996, Paul Wakenight wrote:

: > I'm sure everyone has tried to pipette NP40, etc.  What a mess.
: > Outside of using a graduated cylinder, is there anyway to do this 
: > accurately?
: > 
: > thanks
: > 
: > Paul Wakenight
: > pw at
: > 

	If you know or have the density of the detergent, you can 
figure out how many grams to add to get the desired volume, and slowly
pour it into a beaker or wide mouth flask that is sitting on a top-loading
balance.  The same high viscosity that makes it hard to pipet, makes it 
easy to pour slowly enough that you can watch the numbers on the balance
and stop when it is getting close to the desired amount.

	Then modify your recipe so that you don't have to make the same
calculation every time. 
				Good luck,

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