Best prices of oligo synthesis - looking for details

Eitan Rubin bcrubin at
Sun Aug 11 02:51:21 EST 1996

Tried this before, so here I go again:

If it is not too much trouble, please post/mail me details about your 
oligo supplier: price, quantity, qulity (service and results), turnover 
time, optionionals (such as biotin, degenerated bases). I will summerize 
the results in a table and post it here. This way we can all the deal 
that suits us best.
  I do not deal with oligoes in any way: the last time I tried this I 
found out that the price we were paying was 3 times more than the best 
deal in the market, mainly since our supplier did not produce small 
quantities (how much do I need for a single sequencing reaction?). I 
think international consumers cooporation can help a lot, and urge 
everyone to participate.
Eitan Rubin, Graduate strudent
Weizmann Institute of Science, Dept. of Plant Genetics
Rehovot, Israel
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