Hybond N Problems

Mike Gruidl mgruidl at com1.med.usf.edu
Tue Aug 20 17:03:26 EST 1996

sunil shaw wrote:
> Is it okay for a company to change the basic formulation of a product,
> but to market it under the same name? At least if they were to say
> 'new, improved' or something like that, users would have warning
> of potential differences.

After learning of the formulation change, I checked the box and it said 
that the membrane was a new formulation.  Other conversations with 
Amersham, they now say that they will incorporate stronger wording 
within the box.  I suggested they tell us which protocols are prone to 
problems, then if a user decides to do differently it is the users own 
fault.  The company can always say we warned you not to do it that way.

On another but similar note.  I have just repeated some of my northerns 
using the Church buffer. No background.  I'm convinced.

Mike Gruidl

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