U.S.E. mutagenesis

Jane.Wyatt.1 at massey.ac.nz Jane.Wyatt.1 at massey.ac.nz
Sat Aug 17 01:05:39 EST 1996

Hi guys, 
I am about to try using the Unique Site Elimination (USE) kit from 
Pharmacia Biotech, and I am just wondering if there is anyone out there 
who has used it. I will carrying out the mutagenesis with my cDNA 
inserted into the pGEX vector ready for E. coli expression.
Any advice or warnings would be gratefuuly received... I'm sure it won't 
be as easy as the protocol suggests!

Thanks heaps,


E-mail: Jane.Wyatt.1 at uni.massey.ac.nz

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