David B. Knaebel knaebel at draco.clarkson.edu
Fri Aug 16 19:13:14 EST 1996

I and a student of mine are using E coli C600 for some cloning and want 
to transform it with two plasmids, one a pUC based vector and one a 
pACYC184 based replicon. The transformants pick up the phenotype of the 
plasmid markers (amp and tet (in the case of the modified pACYC184)). 
However, after several different rounds and methods of DNA isolation 
followed by appropriate diagnostic restriction digests, our results are 
equivocal. Has anyone had odd results like this with C600? If so, did you 
find/develop any methods that gave appropriate results? We have done the 
same experiments in DH10 (BRL) and have normal results. 

Thanks for any help.

Dave Knaebel

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