Sections not sticking to slides

Wulf Dirk Leuschner wdl at
Thu Aug 22 14:51:29 EST 1996


>Hi there!
>I hope somebody out there can help me with this one, its driving me 
>mad. I am doing in situs with RNA probes on stem disc sections from 
>resin-embedded stems. I need to find a way of sticking my sections to 
>slides that is RNASE-FREE, does not damage endogenous RNA (ie high 
>temperatures are out) and sticks my sections to the slides. So far I 
>have tried baking the sections at 37 overnight onto 0.1% poly-l-
>lysine coated slides and 1% poly-l-lysine coated. THey wont stick!! 
>Any help will be sincerely appreciated. (The detection system is an 
>anti-dig horseradish peroxidase coupled antibody binding to the Dig-
>11-UTP in the RNA probe, in case thats relevant). Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

I think people in our lab (who do in situs) use amino-silane-compounds
with which they treat their slides instead of using Poly-Lysine. To my
knowledge this treatment results in covalent attachment of the
aminosilane to the glass surface. One seems to get a very high density
of positive charges on the surface of the slide. Maybe this could do
the trick...
Tell me if you are interested and I'll try to find some suitable
protocols for you.


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